It’s a whole new world of engagement

Broadcast live streamed events and talk face-to-face from any device, with the ability to charge for each online conversation


We are the leading provider of live streaming events and video and audio chat software. We have developed a number of different projects in various market sectors (listed below) that help organisations improve engagement with their customers online. For some organisations, we generated brand new income streams as well as improving the online experience of their customers through pay per click activity.


“Virtual conferences are set to explode and steal a major slice of the action away from real-life trade shows.”
BBC News 2011

Ohhi 365 Events

From small events to large conferences, OhHi offer a unique platform to generate a greater audience and increased revenues. Create your event not just for one day or one week, but make it available for 365 days of the year, constantly being updated by delegates who want to communicate with each other and share experience and knowledge. Generate additional online revenues by allowing advertisers to create their own online area in which they can add their own live streamed broadcasts, white papers, content and be available for live one on one video chats with companies interested in buying their products.

OhHi’s software allows anyone to have video-audio-text-screenshare conversations over the internet using nothing but the Flash plugin on their browser.

  • ANYONE can stream events from their computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • YOU DECIDE how much commission your company is going to make from all of the online paid activity.
  • EVERYONE can chat to each other on a one to one video or audio chat basis.
  • YOUR CLIENTS decide how much they are going to charge for a streamed event or for a one to one chat or if the event is going to be free.

Using ohhi for your 365events you will be able to:

  • Create a marketplace for online events in all product categories that will attract a worldwide audience who seek access to knowledge.
  • Provide a better service to your current clients who have already accessed one or more of the activities that you currently provide.
  • Add to your existing database of customers by reaching out to new customers who have not accessed any of your current real time events.
  • Create a new marketplace for your advertisers to generate a better and more accurate lead generation campaign rather than using the existing scattergun approach at live events.
  • Become a world leader providing not only a platform for your existing events, but also offering third parties access to your technology in which you retain a proportion of their online income for each of their online events.
  • Create a unique marketplace where anyone in the world can buy access to talk to anyone else.
  • Create accounts for individuals or business where they can buy credits to purchase content.
  • Provide a live and pre-recorded conference speaker programme
  • All delegates and speakers can create their own business profile and use it as a promotional took similar to LinkedIn.

Setting up an online event using OhHi is very, very easy.

As an organiser you firstly create an event. Then you choose to invite keynote speakers to attract an audience. These speakers can provide a live streamed event from anywhere in the world and stream from their phone, tablet or computer. They can push content such as images, videos and slides. Using a whiteboard device they can share ideas with the viewers who can add ideas and discussion points for everyone in the event to see. The viewers can communicate with the speaker live using text chat during the broadcast.

The keynote speaker can create any streamed event in a matter of seconds. If there is a community online at any point a keynote speaker can go live immediately and a notification will be sent to everyone online that a new live event is taking place.

Then the web browsers simply click on that event to watch it live. If the keynote speaker creates an event to be streamed at a point in the future, they simply create an event, allocate a time and duration for it, give it a title with details of its content and choose its pricing structure. It can be free, paid for on a per session basis or paid for per minute. Then simply by clicking “create event” the keynote speaker has created an event that is posted on the site for all delegates to see and add to their online diary to be reminded of the event.

To watch the event the delegates simply click on the event when it is live and watch. There are no downloads required, it simply uses the flashplayer plug-in on their browser. During any streamed event the broadcaster can see who is online watching them, answer any comments sent in live and change from a free event to a pay per view one.

Below is an example of a home page showing the featured keynote speakers and streamed events coming up and ones already broadcast that are available to watch at any time.

Book a one to one video or audio chat with a keynote speaker.

If a delegate wants to know more about the content of a streamed event they can book a one to one conversation online with the speaker. The delegate simply goes to the profile page of the speaker and clicks on a button to book up a time for a video chat using the online diary tool. An email is then sent to the speaker to see if they accept it and to agree the cost for the conversation, either a free conversation, a paid for one, or free for the first few minutes and then paid for.
It is also possible for delegates of the online event to communicate with each other for virtual networking. Delegates can communicate with other delegates, can talk to each other on video chat and add the details to their friends account.

This can be part of the different packages that you sell to delegates. As well as offering different packages for video chat it is also possible to charge for any of the delegates to upgrade to become broadcasters so that they can stream their own live events.


Advertisers who buy booths at the event can provide easily accessible white papers, add their own live streamed events which are either impromptu live ones or pre-planned ones, provide details of their stand delegates who can answer questions using live video or audio chat for potential clients to talk to them online.

The advertisers can have as many broadcasters as they want to provide live streamed events or for pre-arranged ones. They can use this facility to not only target the customers who attend the event through your companies database but also use it to show their existing customers who want more information about them, thus driving a new group of clients to your events. The advertisers start advertising on your behalf for free promoting your event to their facebook and twitter followers!

Each advertiser has the ability to know exactly who has come to their booth, how long they stayed, what products were of interest to them and replay any online conversations.

The advertisers can also buy an advert that can be placed before every live streamed event.


Attendees to the event can check in to the conference and receive their conference goody bag full of information about the event. They receive a programme, which they can automatically add to their calendar and get reminders of events they are interested in.

Whenever an event is coming up, they receive an email or text notification that the event is about to go live. They can log into their account from their mobile phone, tablet or computer and watch it live wherever they are. At any point the conference delegates can submit questions to the keynote speakers for real time Q&A.

Search for events

If an attendee is looking for information by sector or by an individual they can easily search for it using the search function.

They can even do streamed events and webinars themselves to a group of their new friends or work colleagues at any point during the event or after it.

Allow targeted attendees to provide streamed events as well as keynote speakers.

Our software allows anyone to broadcast an event from their mobile telephone, tablet or computer to anyone in the world. Simply by logging into their account they apply to become a broadcaster and once approved by your company they can start broadcasting to millions of people in seconds. They can see how many people are watching their stream and they can review any of their profiles all whilst live broadcasting.

They can choose how they want to charge for the broadcast. When creating a live event, they decide if it is to be free, paid for on a per session basis or a one off amount. If they started by offering the broadcast for free, at any point during transmission they can start charging for it simply by clicking on a button. All of their viewers will see a notification on their screen with a countdown letting them know exactly when the broadcast stops being free. As soon as that countdown hits zero the viewer is asked if they want to pay to continue watching. If they do their account is debited automatically. IF they don’t they are blocked from watching the rest of the broadcast.

At any point a broadcaster can start charging for their service.

A changing approach for online business sales and marketing.

One of the most significant long term developments of providing a continuous marketplace for organisations to gain access to knowledge is that it allows an opportunity to develop a new way for companies to sell their services to others, a place where you as a company can make a large amount of money for providing the technology for these conversations to take place.

Imagine offering a service whereby instead of individuals within organisations being sent random emails, or being approached by constant cold callers, all contacts which were sales related were directed to your 365events website. When logged in, a company who wanted to provide a sales pitch to a member of a company would have to book one up online and pay for it based on the amount determined by the person who was being sold to.

This would mean that companies who wanted to invest in a direct sales approach to specific individuals within organisation could now do so. A marketing campaign would provide them with a guaranteed one on one conversations with individuals within organisations who they wanted to approach within say the marketing department, management or IT.

Imagine your own version of Linkedin in which everyone can talk online to anyone but choosing the price structure that suits them. If they don’t want to be sold to them a marketing manager can decline any invitation, but if they were to allow themselves two hours a week at a rate of £200 per fifteen minute pitch, then they could earn £1,600 for their company for just receiving eight marketing pitches a week, all from the comfort of their office at a time that was convenient for themselves.

Imagine your own version of Linkedin in which everyone can talk online to anyone but choosing the price structure that suits them. If they don’t want to be sold to them a marketing manager can decline any invitation, but if they were to allow themselves two hours a week at a rate of £200 per fifteen minute pitch, then they could earn £1,600 for their company for just receiving eight marketing pitches a week, all from the comfort of their office at a time that was convenient for themselves.


Building loyalty through social marketing & profit through closing sales


Building brand loyalty through social marketing

OhHi can help you build segmentation models to initiate targeted and exclusive live marketing to the right customers Your website can have live, upcoming and previously recorded events for customers to watch linked to the products avaiable. Once the individual has signed to advertise on this media, you will own the live streaming media rights and profit from all media on pay per event streams.

  • The Ohhi platform will help migrate your website from being just an online retailer to one where the site integrates with new media to become a content rich, social interactive, source of information and new media marketing.
  • For individuals who have a strong following the live streamed media coupled with data insight that identifies core followers, will result in incremental sources of income and gives your company increased frequency to the site to cross sell more products.
  • The Ohhi application is also a sales closing solution, it identifies the point at which a customer is likely to leave the site after searching/reviewing products. It then helps keep them on the site, by answering questions and close the sale. The solution also helps in cross selling other products during the Ohhi session.
  • The solution places a professional sales person on the customers screen, with specialist knowledge in a category area such as TV’s. The data you see shows what pages were viewed, the products they are most interested in and the price range.
  • This solution gives the customer control over taking the offer up for help. Options are face to face, type to face or voice to face help. Once the customer clicks to accept help or advice, it is the customer sales persons role to close the sale based on the information sent to their screen from various data feeds.
  • From login OhHi can identify customers and their previous purchasing/browsing history. With this information a professional closer with specialist product knowledge talks the customer through options, technical issues to sell and cross sell other relevant products. Customers will have moved through many pages producing rich data before the Ohhi closing application appears on screen.

The solution shows a clear point of difference and a more human side to the sales process and helping customers make the decisions needed on big ticket items.

  • Instead of having web browsers just looking at your products, you can get them now to spend more time looking at content provided by experts within your companies sector. If you are a retailer selling clothes, why not offer experts in colour co-ordiantion, make-up speciailsits, nail advisors, personal shoppers, who will be available online for you customers to engage with live either on a one to one video chat basis or by watching their live streamed events.
  • Does your customer want to purchase online expert advice? If so, not they can do that via your website. Any of the third party experts has the ability to charge for each live session either on a streamed event or on a one to one video chat. Your company retains a percentage of any revenue charged.

Create a new section within your website for your staff or third party experts to stream events that you can target to specific customers.

If a web browser sees there are 30 live streamed events happening at any one time, they will stay on your site longer and watch live content or pre-recorded events. At each viewing they will be shown adverts related to relevant products each associated with the purchasing history of the customer.

  • Tie them in with your CRM management tools.
  • Web browsers stay longer on your website
  • More original content helps to build your brand
  • Source of additional revenue from your website
  • Build a knowledge base for your sector that is second to none
  • Offer services that your customers can’t get from anywhere else

Tie in with celebrities to produce streamed events to bring new customers to your site who buy related product.

An example of shoppers experience on your current website…

Share the screen with your customer so that your staff can guide them around your website.


All of your staff can stream meetings either live or to be broadcast at a pre-determined time from their mobile phone, tablet or computer to anyone within your company.


Easier, faster and more time efficient.

  • Missed the meeting, no problem you can watch it any time. Every meeting can easily be recorded by simply clicking on the live broadcast button. Then anyone can see it live or if they can’t get there they can watch it later.
  • Want to talk to another colleague? Simply click on their account and see if they are logged in. If so, start a video chat with them. Want to book up a time to have a meeting online, simply send them a request and then log in at that time and start your chat.
  • Need information from abroad about an issue out in the field? Get them to simply show it to you from their mobile phone.
  • Have a problem with vehicles, staffing, products or distribution? Then stream the issue to a meeting from a phone, tablet or computer so that you can discuss the issues live with them and actually SEE what the problem is without any language confusion or description issues.


Do you want to provide a better online service to your clients?


Using the latest software provided by OhHi, you can now provide expert advice online using OhHi’s Expertonline platform.

  • Create online advice groups so customers can talk to Doctors, Alternative Health practitioners, Dieticians, Health Advisors, Physiotherapists etc.
  • Do you want to offer a better service to your customers? Then provide them with expert advice online either through live-streamed information on the latest issues or book one to one live video chats with an expert of their choice. This advice can either be free or you can charge for it. Each expert can choose to set their own price and you retain a percentage of their online income.
  • Allow fitness classes from sports clubs to take place on the your website. Training at home, or simply getting tips for the gym. This could be done via a one-to-many or a private consultation.
  • Have expert talks do live broadcasts and your customers can type in questions live – each broadcast would be recorded and could be re-watched for people who aren’t able to make the live version.
  • The expertonline platform provides a facility for experts to either offer their services for free on a one to one video chat basis or to charge for it on a per minute or session basis.

Customers who want expert advice simply choose the area of advice they want from the drop down menu.

Within each subset, the customer is given a choice of experts to choose from. Each expert can add a large amount of information about themselves including any live streamed advice they have offered on the website, pre-recorded content, white papers, published medical articles, feedback from satisfied patients and photos of themselves.

If the advisor is online, a green light will appear next to their name, meaning that it is possible to engage in a one to one video/audio or phone chat with them immediately. The price of the conversation is highlighted within the page and is set by the expert.

If there is a red light next to the expert, then the customer has the choice to book a meeting online or by phone with the expert at a time at which the expert is available. A calendar will appear that provides available times in which the expert is free. The customer has to simply click on one of those times to reserve them. An email is then sent to the expert to inform them of the event which they then confirm. Before the event takes place both parties receive text and email confirmation that the event is about to happen. Both parties simply log in and conduct the conversation. The cost of the conversation is billed online by credit card either at the time of booking or just before the conversation takes place.

Additional features we can create for your platform:

  • A feedback rating after each conversation with a 5*, text and audio & video review
  • If the customer doesn’t have video or microphone then the ability to have a consultation over the phone
  • A communal virtual waiting room where experts can contact customers who are in the virtual room. Having audio newspaper or video that they could watch/listen to whilst they wait.
  • The ability to have a sponsored advert. We can also allow experts to record their own video adverts through the system.
  • Tying in products with experts, so that the customers can buy relevant products.
  • We can link a search filter to the right expert or department, based upon results of the search.
  • Experts will be able to take the customers full history on the site so that they can keep complete records of people they deal with.
  • Experts would be able to recommend other experts in case a client chooses the wrong option.
  • A "reception desk" - a virtual room where specialized (trained) operators can guide a client to the right expert - this might also serve as an upsale system (recommending also additional products)
  • Experts will be able to have "conferences" where more than one person will be able to see them. This might be a good promotional tool for the experts.


Need advice on learning Spanish – speak to a person in Spain who will give you expert advice.


One of the most obvious uses of the OhHi software is education online.  Anyone in the world can offer education services online and get paid for it.

  • Want archaeological information on a dig in Egypt. Get a live stream of it from archaelogist working on their dig from their mobile phone.
  • Want to get advice from a lecturer in economics, then simply book up an appointment and start a one to one video conversation at a time that is convenient to the two of you.
  • Have an interactive whiteboard that allows the lecturer to upload content and draw on top to explain further.
  • Be able to introduce the class for free, and then start charging at any point during the video.

One advantage of live broadcasts is that students have to watch it live at a certain time, rather than “doing in tomorrow”. It also allows for forums to take place after the event where students can ask each other questions.

  • We make it as easy as possibly for students to watch the videos, being able to watch on their phones, tablets or computers. There should be no excuses.
  • All of the educators have their own page which you can browse before choosing if they are the right person for you. The information will provide events they have already streamed, the amount they charge for private tuition, whether or not the first discussion is free, reviews, their friends list, plus all of their professional information.
  • At the end of each broadcast or on-demand video we can create a mini-questionnaire to ensure that the student has picked up what the lecturer has been talking through.
  • We can develop a credit system for students where they gain a certificate for completing classes.
  • Tie in with book shops for example and sell products through your site. Lecturers can even link these to the students during their talks.
  • Learn from anywhere in the world. When broadcasting online you are broadcasting to the world, making geographical location redundant.
  • Let teachers/lecturers to make good money from good lessons – creates a meritocratic system of teaching. Give students a choice over who they learn best from.
  • Teachers don’t have to do new content. Can simply record current classes and stream them live.
  • Have an app with just an audio version that you can listen to on the move, like a podcast.
  • One to one tutoring online can occur after the class. Teachers can be available after the broadcasts to book in to their calendar system for one-to-one lessons or even grouped private lessons for small classes. Teachers can also be online for spontaneous classes to take place.
  • Teachers can if they want just create on-demand videos where they can cut, edit and produce in their own time and then upload them on to the system. They will also be able to charge students to watch these. Teachers who create broadcasts are given the option to turn the broadcasts into on-demand videos after the event has finished.



OhHi’s cutting edge technology allows fitness classes, fitness advice and 1-on-1 classes to take place over the web. Professional fitness experts are able to train customers from the comfort of their home or office.


The site can offer expert advice from a variety of different specialists such as; nutritionists, dieticians, physios, and personal fitness instructors.

This exciting new facility will allow gyms and health advisors the ability to bring the current club experience online, providing not only a better service to existing members thereby improving retention rates, but also offering the possibility of creating a new revenue stream through a virtual membership package.

  • Be gone with the days of DVD or VHS fitness tapes. With our technology customers can watch from almost any device, from anywhere LIVE.
  • Classes being live motivates customers to take the class now, rather than constantly putting it off saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”, a major issue compared with pre-recorded videos.
  • Experts can create streams from their computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • At any point during the class a viewer can submit questions for the instructor to answer in real time.

Choose how the specialist wants to charge for the broadcast. When creating a live event, they decide if it is to be free, paid for on a per session basis or a one off amount. If they started by offering the broadcast for free, at any point they can start charging for it simply by clicking on a button. All of their viewers will see a notification on their screen with a countdown letting them know exactly when the broadcast stops being free. As soon as that countdown hits zero the viewer is asked if they want to pay to continue watching. If they do their account is debited automatically. If they don’t they are blocked from watching the rest of the broadcast.

  • Reach a greater geographical area. Watch classes or speak to a personal trainer from anywhere in the world.
  • Allow professionals to attract new clients from free/cheap live broadcasts, then convert these into paid for 1-on-1 sessions.
  • The fact that professionals can make money from on-demand videos as well will increase the standard of the videos (If it is an open platform), a completely meritocratic system where you can rate and comment on each video.
  • Have a shared screen/co-browsing tool which helps explain details. For example, load a body map and explain which muscles you will be working out. Load a video of an exercise. Or take them to an article online where they can buy fitness products.
  • It is possible to create a system where buddy's can interact with each other. Train at home together whilst for example watching an on-demand video as they would in the gym with a personal trainer/class.
  • Create a Buddy community and offer a facility whereby customers can upload their own fitness regimes or tips.


Do you want to pre-select candidates online? Then why not invite them into a video chat before you get them into the office.



Using the video and audio chat feature companier within the recruitment sector can save time and money pre-selecting or conducting full interviews with prospective candidates online.

If you nee to recruit staff in locations in which you don’t have an office, or you need staff for a job in a local area to them, then all you need do is use Ohhi for your interviewing.

Do you own a recruitment website. If so, charge advertisers an additional premium for using the pre-recruitment tool.

Unique Features:

  • In a very competitive market, candidates have to stand out from the crowd. OhHi can provide software that will allow candidates to be online, broadcasting themselves t prospective employers who click from broadcast to broadcast looking for the right candidate.
  • Each candidate will be filtered by their area of interest, so a recruiter within the education sector can look at primary school teachers who are streaming themselves and choose from any of them if they are suitable. All of the candidates information including CV will be available on that streamed page so the employer will be able to ask them questions whilst they are talking about issues related to their employment history.
  • Candidates will be able to answer group questions from employers as they watch them give a presentation about themselves from a broadcast. If the candidate impresses then companies can invite them into a 1-on-1 interview over the web or in person.
  • During the broadcasts interviewers can ask questions to the candidate via the text box. The candidate will then be able to respond using their video and audio device.
  • Candidates can create their own profiles, adding to them content, documents and their CV. We can also tie in their LinkedIn page to this section. They can upload videos of themselves answering previous questions online. We can also incorporate live tests in English, Maths and verbal reasoning of which the scores can be recorded.
  • For aptitude testing online a major issue is a person getting their friends or family to help them. With our software you can watch them as a virtual invigilator, with videos of candidates completing the test being recorded. You can also check their screen to see what websites they are on to make sure that they are not receiving any help.
  • There will be a time and date set for the interview. Companies can request questions for the candidate to answer before the interview commences, these will only appear during the interview on the candidates screen.
    Alternatively, companies themselves can set up a live stream telling candidates about the positions they have available within their company.
  • Each interview will be saved and be able to be downloaded by the company.
    With each interview being recorded it allows you to send an option of candidates to your clients who can then choose who to bring in for an interview.

Show your clients that you use to latest technology to get the best candidates.


OhHi have created technology that will allow sports people from a football club for instance the opportunity to talk directly to their fans on a one to one basis or by streaming events live from their computer, tablet or mobile so that millions of people can see the players at any one time.


OhHi will develop software that gives them the opportunity to expand their fan base by allowing fans greater online access to players.

OhHi will develop software that gives them the opportunity to expand their fan base by allowing fans greater online access to players. It will give fans the opportunity throughout the world to have instant access to behind the scenes activity of the players and staff from the changing rooms, the training ground or whilst they are relaxing at home.

How it would work.

The first phase of development would provide events streamed from a computer:

  • Players will have the ability to have a one to one chat online with fans. This could be used for special prizes, for high spending supporters or for press events.
  • Players will be able to broadcast live streamed events from a computer and invite fans on Twitter and Facebook to see the event live or view it at a later time. Up to 1 million people can have access to this event at any one time and people can add comments for the player to see whilst live broadcasting so that they can respond to them.
  • All of the players Twitter and Facebook activity can be viewed from the players page so that the player does not have to leave the site to chat on Twitter and Facebook and invite their fans to their live event or one to one chat.
  • Give players the ability to upload videos and photos they have taken from their mobile phone and upload it for fans to see.
  • Online auctions can be streamed live and people can bid on items in real time. One to one conversations with players can be auctioned off one chat.

The second phase would be to develop software that provides live-streamed events from a phone or tablet.

  • Players can create live-streamed events from their mobile phones or tablets. By simply accessing the internet from their phone or tablet and logging into their account, the player can initiate a live broadcast.
  • Fans can have the ability to create pages within the teams website in which they could communicate between each other and help to promote the brand to their fans within their communities anywhere around the world. They could also create live streamed events. Only limited groups of fans could have access to this functionality based upon who they were.
  • At any stage it would also be possible to make some events billable to fans. If team chose to, such as for special events the fans might have to pay to access the online content or the credit basis that you use for existing auctions.